Monax are pioneers of blockchain technology, and were first to market with a permissionable smart-contract capable blockchain design, Burrow. First of it’s kind when released in 2014, Burrow provides a modular blockchain client with a permissioned smart contract interpreter built in part to the specification of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Hyperledger Burrow is now one of the five Hyperledger projects hosted by the Linux Foundation. It was contributed by Monax and co-sponsored by Intel.

Monax pivoted in early 2018 to become one of the founding companies behind the Agreements Network - a decentralised contract management system built on public, permissioned blockchain technology and optimised to be the Legal Layer for a Networked World.

Monax’s main product is a contract lifecycle management platform that uses blockchain, smart contracts and business processes to manage the contracts. The Monax Platform is a portal to the Agreements Network and will be launched late 2018.