Tymlez builds highly scalable enterprise ready applications on its own state of the art and adaptable industry standard framework which simplifies and accelerates web application development. The Tymlez framework is designed for continuous transformation and adaptability to changing standards.

The company builds solutions which take into account the existing IT landscape, thereby shaping a 2-speed IT strategy for customers with timeless processes and systems as a result. With the Tymlez platform, end-users receive a highly scalable, multi-tenant, enterprise-grade smart contract enablement platform that can be deployed in minutes and is currently implemented via partners in various industries such as energy, finance, legal, industry, retail and culture, with solutions in the field of loyalty programs, micro payments, loyalty programs, digital asset management, digital rights management, Peer2Peer- and IoT-transactions. The high performance of the BigchainDB allows Tymlez to develop large scale solutions for its customers. Tymlez is headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in Germany.