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From ideation to production, we have the team and technology to help you build enterprise-grade applications and platforms.

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Have some ideas but don’t know where to start? We run a workshop to help you better understand blockchain technologies and let you drill-down into the right use cases that bring the biggest benefit.

Use case development

You have a specific idea for a blockchain application? We help you build a detailed business and technical architecture that lets you move forward with confidence.

Blockchain consulting

The idea is clear. Now you need help to build a prototype. Our blockchain consultants can work to your needs, budget and timeline to get a demo into your hands that will impress.

Trusted by leading global companies

We work with partners who are deploying data-centric blockchain applications for automotive, energy, identity, IoT, intellectual property and supply chain use cases.

Designed for data-centric, high-transaction use cases.

Whether you’re a system architect, a developer or a database specialist, BigchainDB offers the performance and tooling to help you create the future.

Decentralized, secure and immutable.

Traditional blockchains lack what most enterprises require. BigchainDB takes a different approach, one that starts with a big data distributed database and then adds blockchain characteristics. The result is high throughput and low latency, making data-centric and high volume use cases a breeze.

Only BigchainDB combines the all-important advantages of queryability and performance of traditional databases with the distributed, secure and immutable nature of blockchain technology into one package.

Easy to build with

Build applications that speak directly to BigchainDB using our set of drivers and APIs. A powerfully simple and quick way to prototype.

Interoperability by design

Interoperability with Ethereum, IPFS, Bitcoin and other protocols such as the Interledger Protocol (ILP), IPLD, COALA IP and COALA SC mean that enterprises can develop their applications knowing that their work is future-proofed.

It takes me one day to build on BigchainDB what it took me 30 days to build on Bitcoin.
Thomas Fürstner CEO Riddle & Code

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