Recruit Technologies is building a platform to verify HR credentials.

We could have implemented the decentralized technology ourselves with the help of the open source community, but the support and expertise provided by BigchainDB changed the whole process and made it more efficient.
Takeshi Nanato Senior Architect, Recruit Technologies


Recruit Technologies is a Japanese information services and human resources company. Using HR data, Recruit investigated the possibility and practical uses for blockchain in the HR sector. They built a prototype resume authentication database for job seekers and employers.



How BigchainDB is Helping

Using blockchain technology provided by BigchainDB, it’s possible to build a database of applicants and their documents so that credentials can be verified and shared seamlessly, increasing trust amongst all parties and reducing the risks for everyone.

BigchainDB underpins the Recruit platform in several ways:

By leveraging BigchainDB’s technology, fraud more easily detectable and manageable on a large scale.