BigchainDB is for developers and organizations looking for a queryable database with blockchain characteristics such as decentralization, immutability and the ability to treat anything stored in the database as an asset. Whether it’s atoms, bits or bytes of value, any real-world blockchain application needs performance. A perfect fit for BigchainDB.

We’re still in the early days of the decentralization movement and while all of the industries below are being disrupted in one way or another, there’s an abundance of opportunity within each.

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Intellectual Property

Blockchain technology helps secure attribution and authorship. It also makes it easy to license work, track usage and provide transparent audit trails for all stakeholders.


Blockchain technology gives control back to you. On the internet, siloed, walled gardens lock up your personal data. This means it’s next to impossible to port your data if you want to leave or to gain visibility into what is stored where. Blockchain technology enables sovereign personal data, a new way to manage your identity, medical records, and credentials.

Supply chain

Blockchain technologies are trust and transparency machines. This is a feature sorely lacking in global supply chains. Blockchain technology offers the promising of increased transparency and provenance to the global supply chain. In the future, every single product will have a clear record of its history and verifiable authenticity.


Blockchain technology can help to improve the efficiency and services of government. Blockchain technologies can be applied in every area of government – identity services, inland revenue, company formation and land registration. Having transparency in government services offers the promise of reduced corruption, stronger land and property rights, efficient taxation, and sovereign personal identity.

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